Led Tool

We were asked in 2013 by one of our customers if we could help them with Trim and Form tools. This customer is specialized in injection molding on a band as in this case LED housing on a leadframe. They needed these tools to be able to bend the leads too from this LED. For this purpose, the tool shown was designed and manufactured. And then installed at the customer site.

The demand for capacity expansion came at the end of 2017, with only the problem that no machines were available. We then made a repeat tool (again with product related handling set) and together with a partner of us contributed to the development of a new state of the art machine on which both tools can produce.

Project properties

  • Tool for existing machines for bending the leads (contacts) including Product Related Handling Set.
  • Second tool with handling set for capacity expansion. Tools had to be interchangeable.
  • Development of a new machine including the necessary software