Our method

After your request for parts, or your request for a solution through a complete set of assembled tools, we will contact you as soon as possible. In case it only concerns parts we can sent you a quote immediately. When it concerns a technical solution that we have to develop with you we will sent you a technical proposal. For this proposal we can give you a target price and a probable lead time.

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Turn key projects

TSD is not only a specialist in producing precision mechanical parts. There are often customers contacting T.S.D. who have a specific problem and are looking for an overall problem solution. T.S.D. has specialists who are capable of turning these problems into solutions. This is defined by T.S.D. as a project.

More about projects Start your project at T.S.D.

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Tooling Specialist Derksen B.V.

Tooling Specialist is a supplier of precision mechanical parts and tools, Derksen is a well-known and renowned player in the market.

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